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Multi-line lasers for microscopy

Conventional fluorescence-based bio-instrumentation equipment typically uses multiple individual lasers combined through optical elements into one beam or an optical fiber. The systems can become bulky, costly to manufacture, and challenging to keep aligned. An extremely compact, permanently aligned, and service-free multi-line laser device can reduce the size and cost of these systems for fluorescence-based research.


Cobolt Inc. renamed HUBNER Photonics Inc.

HÜBNER Photonics, a division of the German HÜBNER Group, is pleased to announce the opening of a new direct office in the USA. The new direct office is an expansion of the current Cobolt Inc. office which will essentially be renamed. “Renaming and expanding the Cobolt Inc. office is a logic consequence of the consolidation of all lasers and photonics businesses within HÜBNER into HÜBNER Photonics