Laser Lounge & Webinars

Welcome to Laser Lounge – talk lasers with us in our new webinar series!

A webinar series to bring HÜBNER Photonics closer to you, our customers, since we love to talk lasers with you! We invite you in for a virtual coffee in a 30 min break to listen to some interesting laser discussions, visit our lab and have an opportunity to ask us questions. Boost your knowledge and share your experiences with other users and experts.

Now in this Corona crisis period, the world has been experimenting with digital delivery of all forms. We have missed you at exhibitions since they have all been cancelled, along with our regular customer visits. So we have introduced a new digital forum to discuss all things lasers. Topics will range from new product introductions with demonstrations in the lab to user forums where you can share your experience of our lasers with other users.

During the rest of the year we present a new topic in each of our sessions. You will be able to:

  • Boost your knowledge
  • Share insights with other users and experts
  • Get a chance to ask our laser experts

So keep an eye out for more editions of our Laser Lounge in the autumn. You can also find on-demand recordings on our Laser lounge web page.

Our latest webinar

Novel Sources of Tunable laser light

Together with Physics World

Date: Thursday, Aug 12
Time: 16:00


Previous Laser Lounge’s

Laser Lounge May 2021:

High performance lasers: What exacly do we mean?

Date: May 18

Welcome to our spring Laser Lounge and celebrate Day of Light!

In this session you’ll hear what we think defines a laser as high performance. How do we ensure our high performance lasers are high performance?

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Laser Lounge December 2020:

Colors Under a Nanoscope

Date: December 17

In this session, we are excited to have a user case from abbelight Instruments. Dr Valentina Caorsi will talk about multi-color super resolution microscopy using the new Cobolt Rogue 640 nm laser. The full title of her talk is “Colors Under a Nanoscope: SAFe RedSTORM for fast reliable accessible 3D information at the nanoscale”. Welcome to watch on-demand

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Laser Lounge November 2020:

Introducing the Cobolt Tor XE pulsed laser: presentation and live demonstration

Date: Thursday 19th November


In this session, we will give you a product presentation and live demonstration from our lab of our newest laser Cobolt Tor™ XE in our Cobolt Tor™ series of pulsed lasers. With a pulse energy of 0.5 mJ and at 1064 nm in a perfect TEM00 beam, its perfect for marking, LIBS and photoacoustics applications.

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Laser Lounge June 2020:

New 785 nm lasers with enhanced spectral purity for low frequency Raman spectroscopy.

Date: Tuesday 30th June


In this session, we will introduce you to our newest laser for Raman spectroscopy, the 08-NLDM 785 nm ESP. The 785 nm ESP has a patent pending design with enhanced spectral purity making especially suitable for low frequency Raman spectroscopy. We’ll also give you a live demonstration from the lab. Watch it here

Other webcast and webinars

Webinar June 2021:

Multi-Line Lasers or Laser Combiners: What Solution Is Best for Fluorescence Imaging?

Date: June 17

Presented together with Photonics Media, Melissa Haahr and Helge Schmidt, Ph.D., of HÜBNER Photonics, present the relative advantages of multi-line lasers and laser combiners. We introduce the technology behind both solutions, with the aim to help identify the suitability of either solution for applications including light sheet microscopy, SIM, TIRF, STED, confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, and combined techniques.

Hosted by Photonics media

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Webinar June 2021:

Novel Sources of Tunable Laser Light

Date: June 10

How state-of-the-art continuous-wave optical parametric oscillator technology advances photonics research

In this webinar we will discuss the characteristics of state-of-the-art tunable CW OPO designs and describe tuning schemes that have been tailored for applications like color center research and other quantum technologies, nanophotonics, holography, high resolution spectroscopy, and experiments alike.


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Live webcast November 2020

The subject is one of our most frequently asked questions:

“How to select your laser for Raman spectroscopy”

November 12, 2020 


In this webcast, we discuss the important performance parameters to consider when selecting a laser for Raman spectroscopy experiments, and discuss the different laser technologies and how the performance impacts the Raman experiment.

Hosted by Specroscopy!

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Live webinar

Widely Tunable lasers in Quantum Research: Novel Lasers for Novel Color Centers

Date: June 3 2020


In this webinar you will get a review of state-of-the-art CW OPO technology comprehensible even for the non-specialist, illustrated with recently published real-world experiments.

Hosted by Physics World!  

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