Our recent cover tells it all – VALO femtosecond lasers are unlike any other femtosecond laser. The very clean ultra short pulse durations of < 50 fs give huge advantages when it comes to multi-photon microscopy. The resulting increase in peak power in turn means better signal efficiency, enhanced penetration depth in tissue, better contrast and reduced photothermal damage to the sample.

Oliver Prochnow, CEO of VALO Innovations, tells Photonics Views Magazine (Vol 19, June/July 2022) about his experience now that he’s a part of HÜBNER Photonics and why a complementary offering in the ultrashort-pulse regime is the perfect addition to the HÜBNER Photonics portfolio of high performance lasers. Hannover-based VALO Innovations represents an intriguing diversification opportunity, with proprietary fibre-laser technology and unique short-pulse performance opening up many new ultrafast applications. “We are extremely excited to add the unique fs laser technology of VALO Innovations to our group. Their innovative mind-set, engineering capabilities and customer orientation make a perfect fit” adds Head of HÜBNER Photonics, Dr. Håkan Karlsson.

Cover story graphics Photonics Views 2022