Cobolt offers a range of high performance, reliable and user-friendly laser assemblies specifically tailored for advanced Optogenetics research.

The laser assemblies have been developed in close collaboration with leading Optogenetics research labs and offer experiment-ready solutions for channelrhodopsin activation and halorhodopsin inhibition.

The Cobolt Optogenetics solutions include single-line lasers with stable and efficient coupling into multi-mode fibers, two lasers on a common platform launched into one common fiber coupler or two lasers sitting side by side launched into one fiber coupler each, suitable for 2-into-1 coupling using e.g. fused fibers. The lasers are available at various wavelengths matching the sensitivity peaks of the most popular Rhodopsins and with output powers >100 mW.

  • 473 nm, 532 nm, 561 nm, 594 nm, 638 nm, 660 nm
  • >100 mW output power
  • Fast and high aspect ratio modulation up to 3 MHz (direct current modulation or integrated AOM)
  • Stable and efficient coupling into optical fibers
  • Single-line lasers or 2-line combiners

All solutions offer full control over the pulse generation, perfect pulse-to-pulse stability, high extinction ratio and fiber coupling efficiencies of up to 80%.