Focus on Microscopy FOM 2021 Online Conference.

Exhibition FOM

We are excited to have 2 flash talks and announce the introduction of our new laser combiner for up to 8 lasers, the C-FLEX C8:

Flash talk Sunday March 28 – during the plenary session from 16.00 hrs

Multi-line lasers for light sheet microscopy – Melissa Haahr MSc
Learn how our multi-line laser is helping advance clinical instrumentation based on light sheet microscopy.


Flash talk Wednesday March 31 – during the plenary session from 15.55 hrs 

Flexible laser solutions for fluorescence microscopy – Helge Schmidt PhD
Understand which application suits a multi-line laser or a laser combiner.


Introducing our new C8!
Proudly introducing the new C-FLEX C8, for up to 8 lasers, to our C-FLEX family of laser combiners.


Read more about all our lasers for fluorescence microscopy and bio-imaging applications by clicking the laser below:


Download our application brochure:

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