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HUBNER Photonics Photonics West 2023

We offer an exciting career in the fast growing Photonics industry, which employs millions of people worldwide, and provides key enabling technologies to many industrial sectors. Photonics products make the internet work, provide new clean energy sources, enable diagnoses and treatments for severe deceases, help develop new vaccines and medicines and drives development of new quantum technologies and augmented reality equipment.
Among so many other things!

At HÜBNER Photonics you will work in an innovative environment where we develop, manufacture and supply highly advanced laser products that are crucial for our customers’ work and businesses. You will join a diverse, skilled and dedicated team that is proud of our products and work together in a friendly atmosphere, where sharing ideas over a cup of coffee can be as important as the standard meeting.

Take the chance to build a career in photonics, and learn to love lasers as much as we do!

Job openings in Sweden

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Laser Operator

Embedded Software Engineer

Job openings in USA

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Job openings in Germany

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