Nanosecond lasers

Nanosecond lasers or pulsed lasers by Cobolt

Our Nanosecond lasers consist of passively Q-switched Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers (DPSSL) or as Cobolt have embraced: Diode-Pumped Lasers (DPL). The laser gain medium is pumped with a high-power semiconductor laser. An intra-cavity saturable absorber forces the laser emission to be emitted as nanosecond pulses. The pulse energy and pulse length are specified and set by the optical design of the laser.

The Cobolt Q-switched lasers are compact ring-cavity lasers by design, which results in a stable pulse train with low jitter and excellent beam quality also at kHz repetition rates due to the absence of spatial hole burning. In this way, the Cobolt Q-switched lasers combine the compact format and cost-efficient design of a passively Q-switched lasers with the high optical pulse performance typically achieved only with actively Q-switched lasers.

Are our Q-switched lasers right for your application?

Built with HTCure Technology into hermetically sealed packages the Cobolt Q-switched lasers deliver stable reliable performance over long lifetimes and in demanding ambient conditions. With pulse lengths of 1-5 ns, pulse energies up to 150 µJ, repetition rates from single-pulse emission to kHz, very low pulse-to-pulse jitter and kW peak powers the Cobolt Q-switched lasers are very suitable not only for advanced laboratory research but also for integration into analytical or material processing equipment used in industrial settings for applications such as Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), photoacoustics, LIDAR and micro-marking.