Tunable NIR

HÜBNER Photonics offers two types of tunable lasers: CW single frequency & pulsed up to 10kHz. All tunable lasers are based on OPO technology covering VIS – MIR wavelength ranges.

  • Cobolt Odin™ Series

    Tunable Lasers Mid-IR

    Wavelength: 3264 nm – 4330 nm
    Power, pulse rate: 60 – 80 mW, 10 kHz
    Applications: PAS, LIBS, photoacoustics

  • C-WAVE Series

    Widely tunable continuous-wave lasers

    Wavelength: 450 nm – 1900 nm
    Power: 200 mW – 1000 mW
    Applications: Nanophotonics, quantum research, Raman (TERS)

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