Narrow linewidth lasers

Narrow linewidth lasers by Cobolt

We are proud to offer the world’s broadest range of lasers all with stable SLM (single-longitudinal mode) and narrow linewidth performance, exceptional spectral purity, integrated optical isolator and integrated electronics. Lasers in this Series are the ideal laser choice for every demanding Raman spectroscopy application!

These lasers consist of truly SLM diode-pumped lasers (DPLs) as well as frequency-locked narrow-linewidth diode lasers (NLDs). The DPL lasers are single-frequency with <1 MHz linewidth and the NLD lasers are all narrow-linewidth with a few 10 pm. All products in the Series have an integrated optical isolator and a short-pass filter as standard to guarantee immunity to optical feedback and a spectral purity of >80 dB (typical performance >100 dB). The laser can be easily coupled into fiber directly onto the laser housing (S