Lasers for Single Molecule Spectroscopy

Single Molecule Spectroscopy using C-WAVE

In this applications note we read how the flexibility of the C-WAVE’s single frequency tunable wavelength can be utilized for single molecule spectroscopy experiments.

The fluorescence excitation spectra of single organic molecules in a solid state crystal are measured at cryogenic temperatures. As a tunable laser light source, the optical parametric oscillator C-WAVE is employed. C-WAVE exhibits promising features as a laser light source for spectroscopy applications, like a broad tuning range from 450 to 650 nm, a narrow linewidth < 1 MHz, and mode-hopfree tuning over > 25 GHz. This report presents the experimental setup and measured spectra, and it discusses the applicability of C-WAVE for high-resolution spectroscopy.

Download the full applications note here

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