Terahertz technology

Our Terahertz technology

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Easy-to-use Intuitive touch-screen user-interfaces
  • No need for radiation safety measures (no X-rays)

The extremely effective technology of HÜBNER Photonics spectrometers enables the detection of hidden objects and materials such as drugs and explosives in letters and small parcels as well as the identification of flaws and cavities in non-electrically conductive components. User-friendly, fast & secure Easy-to-use touchscreen based operations allow the analysis of your samples in no time. With their full automation of measurement processes, HÜBNER Photonics terahertz systems carry out extensive data set recordings with minimal personnel costs. As THz waves are completely safe, no expensive safety precautions are necessary.

Whether you are in Public security or want and instrument for Non-destructive testing, one of our terahertz imagers or spectrometers is likely for you. Read about the differences: