Terahertz spectrometer: the all-round spectrometer

The T-SPECTRALYZER® products have been developed for quick use applications and for routine measurements in daily analytical work.

T-SPECTRALYZER T/R/F is an all-in-one spectrometer, providing fully automized measurements in transmission (T) and/or reflection (R) geometry on a sample tray, as well as the option to use external fiber-coupled THz heads (F). T-SPECTRALYZER F is an a plug & play fiber based THz spectrometer. Customized solutions of transmission, reflection, and fiber coupled options and combinations of those are available.

  • Terahertz waves for safe and fast scanning
  • Intuitive GUI to support recording, processing and exporting measurement results
  • Terahertz waves for safe analysis, contact free
  • User friendly, fully automated


Non destructive testing, chemical identification and analysis.