Our 3264 nm laser

The Cobolt Odin Series contains MIR tunable lasers which are wavelength selectable from 3,1 – 4,6 um, tunable up to 50 nm, >80 mW and up to 10 kHz prf.

The Series is ideal for gas analysis, in particular using photoacoustic spectroscopy. For instance during environmental monitoring of methane (CH4) or ethanol monitoring for automotive evaporative measurement. In these applications the OPO/CE-PAS technology has a great potential to overcome the limitations in sensitivity and selectivity of the well-accepted conventional FTIR spectroscopy.

  • Cobolt Odin™ Series

    Tunable Lasers Mid-IR

    Wavelength: 3264 nm – 4330 nm
    Power, pulse rate: 60 – 80 mW, 10 kHz
    Applications: PAS, LIBS, photoacoustics