THz for Non-destructive Testing

Material inspection, analysis, identification.

With us, your analysis is simple and efficient – for research and for industry. HÜBNER is a systems provider with tradition for the technical industry developing innovative technologies for the world market. Our expertise enables us to create innovative, intelligent products that make your work easier and more efficient.

Your products deserve maximum efficiency. HÜBNER, in close cooperation with Fraunhofer Institutes, has developed new intuitive measuring systems: The Terahertz-Imager T-SENSE® and T-SENSE FMI for material inspection and the Terahertz-Spectrometer T-SPECTRALYZER®.

This highly efficient technology is based on the most recent research results. Your Production can be monitored and controlled at various levels. T-SENSE FMI uses millimeter waves in the lower terahertz range with no health risks involved. This means that the equipment can be used anywhere and for several purposes without the need for radiation protection.

The Terahertz-Spectrometer T-SPECTRALYZER® opens up new dimensions in many fields of measurement applications.