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Answers to common questions

Below you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding our business and products. If you still have questions, feel free to drop them to us in an email.

The lead time varies by laser platform and quality takes time. A typical guideline is:

Cobolt lasers: 2-8 weeks (diode lasers 2 weeks, diode pumped lasers 6-8 weeks)

C-FLEX laser combiners: 4-8 weeks depending on the types of lasers ordered

C-WAVE tunable lasers: 8-12 weeks

Terahetrz systems: 8-12 weeks

Yes! All our lasers are recommended to be mounted on a heatsink. See the product page for the recommended heatsink.

CDRH: This model is CE certified and can be purchased by Universities and Companies requiring CE certification and laser safety compliance (CDRH).
OEM: This model is not CE certified and is intended for instrument manufacturers.

The warranty is defined as number of months or hour count, whichever comes first. We guarentee all specifications throughout the warranty period of of all of our lasers.

C-WAVE tunable lasers: Yes! Your sales representative will schedule the installation for a time when it suits you and your lab. You will also be trained on general use and simple alignment.

Cobolt lasers: No, the lasers are plug & play.

Of course, we are always available to assist you and we offer remote service and support on all our lasers!

At first it might seem confusing but its actually fairly simple:
Cobolt 04-01 Series = single frequency, low power
Cobolt 05-01 Series = single frequency, higher power
Cobolt 06-01 Series = plug & play diode and diode pumped lasers for life science
Cobolt 08-01 Series = narrow linewidth lasers, especially designed for Raman spectroscopy

Or maybe this helps:

Cobolt product chart

Yes, the lasers can be controlled via software or analog voltage inputs to control the output power.

Turning down the laser power to about 50% of maximum is generally okay. However, it is important to note that all performance specifications are optimized for nominal laser power. Changing the laser power could impact other performance parameters of the laser. Please contact your sales representative if you have questions about laser operation.

  • This is true for the diode lasers to some extent.
  • This is not true for the diode pumped lasers. They are built and optimised for best performance at the power they are delivered at. Lowering the power will not extend the life of a DPL.

Yes, please contact your sales representative with your inquiry. We hope we can help you to find a solution, or provide a recommendation.