Our 488 nm lasers

At HÜBNER Photonics we have a wide variety of innovative lasers that cater to specific needs. One of our models, the Cobolt 06-MLD (modulated laser diode) 488 nm laser, is a compact diode laser intended for plug and play usage. This means it is easily configured and designed to be simply dropped into any experiment. Controlled either through our Monitor software or using your own software, the Cobolt 06-01 Series of lasers can be modulated up to 150 MHz using digital modulation.

Even though the Cobolt 06-MLD 488 nm laser is a modern diode laser, lasers at this wavelength have been available long before the invention of the diode laser. Traditionally lasers at this wavelength were argon ion based, the disadvantage is that today these traditional gas lasers are comparatively large and consume inherently inefficient. Thus the compact, plug and play 06-MLD 488 nm laser is making life easier for modern day biologists and scientists.

Advantages of Cobolt’s 06-MLD 488nm laser

Our 06-MLD 488 nm laser is very well suited to scientific and OEM applications. It is a high-performance laser with excellent reliability laser makeing it ideal for use in multiple scientific fields such including life sciences. All of these features mean that the 06-MLD 488 nm laser is one of the most versatile lasers on offer at the moment. This type of laser comes in a few different output powers, the choice of which will depend upon the end use of the laser itself. As an all-round trustworthy laser, we at Cobolt feel that the 06-MLD 488 nm laser is hard to beat, manufactured with our propriority method of HTCure™ for robustness and reliability.

Applications for the 06-MLD 488 nm laser

The 06-MLD 488 nm laser is perfect for fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry. In fluorescence microscopy the laser is used to excite fluorophores which in turn are imaged typically in a microscope and the specific properties of interest are analyzed. Each laser type has a different wavelength that activates specific fluorophores. All the lasers in the 06-01 Series have wavelengths targeting excitation of common fluorophores.

Sold seperately or combined with other wavelengths into a multi-line laser, Skyra, or laser combiner C-FLEX. If you are interested in tunable laser light then the choose our C-WAVE.

The Cobolt 08-NLD 488 nm laser is a narrowline laser, perfect for Raman!