Fiber lasers

Fiber lasers from Azurlight Systems

Azurlight systems specialize in manufacturing high power, single frequency visible & IR fiber lasers and amplifiers.

With output powers >100 W, ultra low noise <0.02% rms, excellent powers stability <0.5% over 8 hours and excellent beam pointing stability <0.5 urad/C, Azurlight systems fiber lasers allow you to push the limits of any application. 

HÜBNER Photonics distributes Azurlight Systems fiber lasers in Nordics, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 


Azurlight Systems lasers

CW fiber lasers and amplifiers

Wavelengths: 488 nm – 1064 nm
Powers: 1 W- 130 W
Applications: Cold atoms & molecules, Quantum, Nanophotonics

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