Laser Combiners

Laser Combiners from HÜBNER Photonics

Laser combiners and laser light engines have simplified the need to integrate and align individual laser sources either onto an optical bench or within an instrument. By offering a single output with co-linear laser beams, the C-FLEX family of laser combiners makes it simple and convenient to deliver up to 8 laser lines simultaneously.

Our C-FLEX laser combiners lets you combine up to 8 wavelengths out of 28 wavelengths available. C-FLEX is fieldupgradeable and ready to mount Diode Pumped Lasers (DPLs) or Modulated Laser Diodes (MLDs) of the Cobolt 06-01 Series, the single frequency diode pumped lasers of the Cobolt 04-01 Series and Cobolt 05-01 Series, as well as the narrow linewidth lasers of the Cobolt 08-01 Series. The flexible design enables integration of optional AOM modulators that allow fast modulation of DPSS lasers. Free space beam output or fiber coupling options are available. C-FLEX can be customizes to your needs, and is also available in application-specific configurations.

Laser combiner or multi-line laser?

Conventional fluorescence-based bio-instrumentation equipment with more than a single laser wavelength typically uses multiple individual lasers combined through optical elements and coupled into a single beam or an optical fiber. A laser combiner offers the greatest flexibility in all respects, many wavelengths, many power levels, as well as fast and slow modulation. However, for systems and set-ups where flexibility is not the highest priority, a multi-line laser can offer a permanently aligned and maintenance free option.

Our laser combiners are very suitable not only for advanced laboratory research but also for integration into analytical instrumentation for applications such as bioimaging, flow cytometry, Raman spectroscopy, holography and optogenetics.



The compact and flexible laser combiner

Wavelength: 375 nm – 1064 nm
Power: 50 mW – 1000 mW

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