Laser Combiners

Laser Combiners from HÜBNER Photonics

Laser combiners and laser light engines have simplified the need to integrate and align individual laser sources either onto an optical bench or within an instrument. By offering a single output with co-linear laser beams, the C-FLEX family of laser combiners makes it simple and convenient to deliver up to 8 laser lines simultaneously.

The highly-flexible, compact C-FLEX laser combiner allows you to combine up to 8 wavelengths of the 28 available wavelengths with modulation options for all wavelengths and configurations for single or dual outputs and optional fiber coupling.

The C-FLEX laser combiner harnesses the quality and reliability of the Cobolt high performance lasers. It is field upgradeable and the design allows for full flexibility in the choice of laser technology, ranging from plug and play diode lasers to high power, single frequency diode pumped lasers. The robust design of the C-FLEX laser combiner provides excellent long term stability in output power and beam overlap, as well as outstanding flexibility in terms of laser wavelength and type, which makes it ideally suited for use over a wide range of applications. C-FLEX can be fully customized, or is available as application-specific configurations which are tailored to deliver the optimum performance and features for applications in optogenetics, fluorescence microscopy, raman spectroscopy, or holography.

Laser combiner or multi-line laser?

Conventional fluorescence-based bio-instrumentation equipment with more than a single laser wavelength have often relied on