Multi-line lasers

Multi-line lasers by Cobolt

A revolutionary concept made possible thanks to the priority and unique manufacturing method from Cobolt, called HT Cure. A Multi-line laser is a single compact laser head with multiple lasers built inside and collimated into a single permanently aligned output beam, thus giving the appearance of a single laser with multiple wavelengths. Our multi-line laser is therefore very attractive as an extremely compact, an easy to use solution for adding more functionality and wavelengths either to a system design or lab set-up.

Built with HTCure Technololgy to ensure permanent alignment, robustness and excellent performance over the life of the laser, the multi-line laser offers up to 4 wavelengths in a single compact package with integrated electronics. Choose from a combination of diode lasers and diode pumped lasers to create your own custom multi-line laser.

Multi-line laser or laser combiner?

Conventional fluorescence-based bio-instrumentation equipment with more than a single laser wavelength typically uses multiple individual lasers combined through optical elements coupled into a single beam or an optical fiber. Often this is solved with a laser-combiner, which includes separate lasers and beam-combining optics. Although flexible, laser combiners can be a large and sometimes bulky solution, as well as difficult to keep aligned. A simplified solution for integrating multiple laser wavelengths into any set-up is to use a multi-line laser. Our Cobolt multi-line lasers are very suitable not only for advanced laboratory research but also for integration into analytical instrumentation for applications such as bioimaging and flow cytometry. 


Cobolt Skyra™

A revolutionary multi-line laser platform

Wavelength: 405 nm – 685 nm
Power: 50 mW, 100 mW

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