Single frequency lasers

Single frequency lasers are lasers that emit radiation on a single resonator mode only. This means that they emit essentially monochromatic radiation with a very narrow linewidth and low phase noise.

Why do we use single frequency lasers?

Using single frequency lasers offers several advantages in various applications due to their unique characteristics. As mentioned, single frequency lasers emit light with a very narrow linewidth and low phase noise. This defining characteristic sets them apart from other laser types. Unlike multimode lasers that emit over a broad spectrum, single frequency lasers produce light at a specific, well-defined frequency, resulting in a highly pure and monochromatic output.

This narrow spectral linewidth is of paramount importance in scientific and industrial applications requiring precision and accuracy. It enables high-resolution spectroscopy, interferometry, and frequency metrology, allowing researchers to study fine details of atomic and molecular spectra, make precise measurements, and achieve stable and coherent light sources. Moreover, in fields like optical communication, it minimizes crosstalk between channels, ensuring reliable data transmission and maximizing spectral efficiency. In essence, the narrow spectral linewidth of