Corporate videos

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HÜBNER Photonics corporate overview

HÜBNER Photonics virtual booth tour 2021

This is HÜBNER Photonics 2020
Step inside!

Visit our booth at Photonics West 2020
With lots of new products.

See our overview of HÜBNER Photonics: how Coherence Matters in our Products, to our customers and in our attitude.

A teaser to join Biophysical society meeting, BPS February 2021

Håkan Karlsson, CEO of Cobolt, gives a company overview.

Product videos

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Have a look at our C-FLEX laser combiner family

Introducing the Cobolt Tor XE – Compact Q-switched laser

Laser Lounge NEW Cobolt Tor XE pulsed laser Product presentation with live demo

Product presentation of Cobolt Rogue

Product presentation of Cobolt Skyra

C-WAVE tunable laser (German speaking).

Flash talks

Watch our flash talks from Focus on Microscopy 2021

Cobolt Skyra™ multi-line lasers for light sheet microscopy

Flexible laser solutions for fluorescence microscopy

Unboxing videos

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Unboxing video for Cobolt 04-01, Cobolt 05-01 & Cobolt 08-01 Series

Unboxing video for Cobolt 06-01 Series

Unboxing video for the Cobolt Tor XE Q-switched laser