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HÜBNER Photonics – Who are we? 

This is HÜBNER Photonics – Step inside!

HÜBNER Photonics BPS 2021 Virtual Booth

HÜBNER Photonics at Photonics West 2023

Product videos

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A closer look at the C-WAVE lasers 

Introducing the VALO Femtosecond Series lasers

Have a look at our C-FLEX laser combiner family

Product Presentation of Cobolt Rogue

Introducing the Cobolt Tor XE – Compact Q-switched laser

Laser Lounge Cobolt Tor XE Pulsed Laser Product Presentation

Product Presentation of Cobolt Skyra

C-WAVE Tunable Laser (German speaking)

Flash talks

Watch our flash talks from Focus on Microscopy 2021

Cobolt Skyra – Multi-line Lasers for Light Sheet Microscopy

Flexible Laser Solutions For Fluorescence Microscopy

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Getting Started with Cobolt 04/05 Series

Getting Started with Cobolt 06-01 Series

Getting Started with the Cobolt Tor XE

Getting Started with the C-FLEX laser combiner