Our 532 nm lasers

The 532 nm laser is one of the oldest and most established of diode pumped solid state lasers (DPSSLs). It revolutionized the laser community and the idea of an all solid state (as opposed to gas gain media) laser was turned into a potential commercial reality. These kinds of lasers would pave the way for all kinds of interesting fundamental research as well as potential commercial applications. Who would have thought that today these kinds of lasers would be seen more as a commodity, in all forms ranging from hand held laser pointers and beam aligners to high power kW materials processing workhorses.

Which 532 nm laser from Cobolt to choose?

Ranging in cw powers from 25 mW up to 1500 mW, Cobolt offers multiple variants ranging from the original Cobolt Samba™, the single frequency laser of choice for high power applications, to the 06-DPL 532 nm laser which can be modulated up to 50 kHz through to the 08-DPL 532 nm with integrated optical isolator. If pulsed operation is required then the Cobolt Tor™ is available with pulse energies from 50 uJ to 0.2 mJ. Whatever the 532 nm laser chosen, they all come manufactured with Cobolt’s propriority method of HTCure™ for robustness and reliability.

Why choose a 532 nm laser from Cobolt?

High performance 532 nm lasers, those renowned from Cobolt, typically have exceptional performance specifications and are seen as the elite of the 532 nm laser category. The excellent power stability, very low rms noise and perfect TEM00 beam quality will meet all the requirements of most applications. Typically single frequency and single longitudinal mode with excellent wavelength stability and accuracy, these lasers are the choice for Raman spectroscopy applications.

Applications for the 532 nm laser?

  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Holography
  • LIBS