Ultrafast femtosecond fiber lasers

The VALO Series of ultrafast fiber lasers are unique in their design offering amongst the shortest femtosecond pulses and highest peak powers which can be obtained from a compact turn-key solution. Pulse durations of <50 fs are achieved using novel fiber laser based technology. The extremely clean, ultrashort pulse durations combined with computer controlled group velocity dispersion pre-compensation, allow users of the VALO lasers to achieve the highest peak power exactly where its needed, which makes the lasers ideal for use in multiphoton imaging, advanced spectroscopy and many other applications.

  • <50 fs pulse duration
  • Up to 2 W output power
  • Very low noise
  • Integrated pre-compensation dispersion module


Perfect for multiphoton microscopy, optogenetics, two-photon polymerization, terahertz generation, and supercontinuum generation and many more.