Femtosecond lasers

Ultrafast fiber lasers by VALO

Thanks to an innovative laser design with sophisticated control of dispersion and non-linear effects, the VALO Femotsecond Series lasers offer ultra-short pulses with pulse durations below 50 fs from a compact, robust and turn-key system.

With outstandingly high pulse peak power levels and computer controlled group velocity dispersion pre-compensation, the VALO ultrafast femtosecond fiber lasers are ideal for multiphoton imaging, neuroscience, optogenetics and advanced spectroscopy applications.

Advantages of femtosecond fiber laser technology

In general fiber lasers offer a lot of advantages compared to solid state lasers. Due to the waveguide effect of optical fibers the laser systems have very good thermal and vibrational stability and can produce nearly diffraction limited beam profiles. In general fiber lasers offer a low cost of ownership and they are essentially maintenance free.

Due to the amorphous structure of the glass the gain bandwidth of rare earth doped optical fibers are much more wideband compared to solid state doped materials. Therefore fiber lasers can offer a wide wavelength tunablity. In addition, a large gain bandwidth also enables the generation of ultrashort optical pulses. Typical ultrafast pulse durations are determined by the optical gain bandwidth, so the wider the bandwidth the shorter the pulse that can be generated in theory.

Our VALO Femtosecond Series lasers have an even higher optical bandwidth than the gain bandwidth due to a perfect interaction of linear and nonlinear effects. Due to this unique design, the VALO Femtosecond Series lasers can generate clean ultrafast optical pulses with pulse durations below 50 fs at unmatched power levels.


VALO Series

Ultrashort femtosecond fiber lasers

Pulse duration: <50 fs
Power: Up to 2 W
Applications: Multiphoton Microscopy, Two-photon Polymerization, Optogenetics

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