Ultrafast fiber lasers have revolutionized the field of photonics, offering a range of advantages over traditional lasers. One of the main advantages of using ultrafast femtosecond fiber lasers is the high peak power that they offer, which is a result of their ultra-short pulse duration. This high peak power makes these lasers ideal for a wide range of applications, including precision micromachining, medical procedures, and especially biomedical imaging.

In addition, fiber lasers in general offer a lot of advantages compared to solid state lasers. Due to the waveguide effect of optical fibers the laser systems have very good thermal and vibrational stability and can produce nearly diffraction limited beam profiles. In general fiber lasers offer a low cost of ownership and they are essentially maintenance free so the combination of achieving ultrafast femtosecond pulse durations in fiber lasers mean that they are very attractive for a wide range of applications.

Advantages of sub 50 femtosecond pulse durations

The VALO Femtosecond Series offers a novel approach to overcome this limit, resulting in much shorter (sub 50 fs) and clean pulses. The proprietary fiber laser technology of the VALO Femtosecond Series lasers delivers an even higher optical bandwidth than the gain bandwidth due to a perfect interaction of linear and nonlinear effects. Due to this unique design, the VALO lasers can generate clean ultrafast optical pulses with pulse durations even below 50 fs at unmatched peak power levels of >2 MW.

VALO broad spectrum
VALO pulse duration

Due to the exceptional peak power and together with the integrated dispersion pre-compensation unit, the Tidal is an ideal tool for nonlinear applications like high harmonic imaging, broadband terahertz generation, and nonlinear wafer inspection.

In conclusion, ultrafast fiber lasers, and especially those lasers with sub 50 fs pulse durations, offer a range of advantages over traditional lasers, making them ideal many applications. With their high peak power, ease of use and maintance free operation, femtosecond fiber lasers are poised to revolutionize the field of photonics and have the potential to impact a wide range of industries and disciplines.

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