High power, single frequency, CW diode pumped lasers

The Cobolt 05-01 Series lasers are continuous-wave diode pumped lasers (DPL) operating at a fixed wavelength between 355 nm and 1064 nm. Single frequency operation provides an ultra
narrow spectral linewidth, long coherence length and excellent spectral purity. The lasers are designed and manufactured to ensure a high level of reliability.

  • 355 nm – 1064 nm, CW up to 3 W
  • High quality laser beam, TEM00
  • Linewidth < 1 MHz
  • Low noise, <0.1% rms
  • Wavelength stability <1 pm (over ± 2 °C and 8 hrs)
  • Insensitive to optical feedback
  • Ultra-robust, hermetically sealed packages, proven reliability
  • Up to 24 months warranty, unlimited hours
  • Fully integrated electronics option available


Perfect for holography, interferometry, Raman, optical tweezerssuper resolution microscopy, laser doppler velocimetry.