Below you find downloads for software and USB drivers as well as ISO and RoHS certificates.

For product specific downloads such as data sheets and manuals as well as reference articles, see the individual product series pages or our application specific pages.


Cobolt Monitor™ Software

Download the latest version used with all Cobolt lasers:


CoboltMonitor- is the GUI for all new Cobolt lasers. This version is compatible with all Cobolt laser models and replaces previously published versions (however if you experience any issues with an older model, try downloading or older – see table below).

  • The GUI supports simultaneous connection and monitoring of multiple lasers, configured for either RS232 or USB2.0 communication.
  • The GUI automatically searches for all Cobolt lasers connected to the computer.
  • Cobolt Monitor™ requires the .NET 4.0 framework to be installed on the computer (standard on Windows 8 and later).  The .NET 4.0 framework is available for the majority of Windows releases, including: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP1), Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

NOTE: If you have an older Cobolt laser model and you experience problems to connect to it with Cobolt Monitor, please contact your Cobolt distributor with your laser serial number for advice about which version of Cobolt Monitor software to use (see list below).

See laser series manuals for further instructions regarding software usage.

Driver for USB communication

To connect a Cobolt laser configured for USB communication:
The USB Driver for Cobolt lasers is typically installed automatically on Windows 10 computers.
If using Windows versions before Windows 10, it may be necessary to install the USB Driver below.

To connect a Cobolt laser configured for RS-232 communication with an RS-232 to USB adaptor:
Do not install the Cobolt USB Driver. It is necessary that the RS-232 to USB adaptor driver is installed on the computer. Visit the website of the adaptor manufacturer to download their driver if this does not install automatically.

Driver for USB communication (USB 2.0 required or USB hub)

Driver for USB communication with C-FLEX laser combiners

Instructions for installing the Cobolt USB Laser Device Driver on a Windows 7 or Windows XP Machine
Instructions for installing the Cobolt USB Laser Device Driver on a Windows 8 Machine


To integrate the Cobolt lasers into LabView environment, please download the driver packages below.
LabView (Version 2012)

Micro-manager drivers

Integration of Cobolt lasers into Micromanager software

An official Micromanager driver is available for Cobolt 06-01 lasers and for Cobolt Skyra. Please search for and install the “CoboltOfficial” driver from the Micromanager library.

If you experience any difficulties with your Micromanager integration, please contact us at: 

Note: If you are running previous or alternate versions of a Cobolt laser driver in Micromanager:
We support and appreciate the creativity, hard work, and innovation of researchers using our lasers in the Micromanager community. However, caution must be taken to ensure that compliance with laser safety regulations is strictly maintained during operation of CE or CDRH labeled products as stand-alone devices in laboratory settings. Other Micromanager drivers are available for Cobolt lasers which are not written by Cobolt. Micromanager is an open source software and Cobolt is not liable for independently published drivers.


Cobolt is on GitHub!

“To get started using a Cobolt laser with a program written C++ or Python, please refer to our example codes here:

The example codes are intended to provide a sample of how to communicate with Cobolt lasers via C++ or Python languages. They are compatible for all Cobolt lasers and cross-platform (ex: Windows, Linux).”

Previous versions of the Cobolt MonitorTM GUI Software

Cobolt Monitor software gen. 4 and 5 Software for 04-01 Series and 05-01 Series lasers with controller generation 4 and 5
Cobolt Monitor software gen. 5b Software for 04-01 Series and 05-01 Series lasers with controller generation 5b
Cobolt Monitor MLD software Software for all MLD models in the 06-01 Series
Cobolt Monitor DPL software Software for all DPL models in the 06-01 Series
Cobolt Monitor software Q-switched & Mid-IR Software for Cobolt Tor Series and Cobolt Odin Series
CoboltMonitor- GUI for the Cobolt laser
Cobolt Monitor Software for Cobolt Rogue
Cobolt Monitor Software for Cobolt Tor XS
Cobolt Monitor Software for Cobolt Skyra
Cobolt Monitor Software for Cobolt lasers