DPSS lasers

DPSS Lasers by Cobolt

We honour ourselves in providing the broadest range of high-performance Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers (DPSSL), or as Cobolt have embraced: Diode-Pumped Lasers (DPL). The laser cavities include frequency-selective optics which stabilize the resonator and prevent all but one longitudinal and transversal mode of the laser to be amplified in the oscillator, which results in extremely stable single-frequency (SF) or single longitudinal mode (SLM) emission and a perfect diffraction limited beam.

By combining advanced cavity designs; standing-wave types as well as ring-cavities, with a thermo-mechanically stable platform, active temperature control of the complete cavity and robust fixation of miniaturized high precision optics, the Cobolt DPSS lasers (DPLs) provide very stable single-frequency or single-longitudinal mode operation over the whole laser lifetime and over a wide range of operating conditions. Built with HTCure Technology into hermetically sealed packages the Cobolt DPLs deliver stable reliable performance over long lifetimes and in demanding ambient conditions. 

Advantages of Cobolts DPSS lasers

The broad wavelength coverage, long–coherence lengths, perfect beams, excellent spectral purity and wavelength stability, delivered with stable and reliable performance, make the Cobolt DPSS lasers very suitable for demanding applications not only for advanced laboratory research but also for integration into analytical instrumentation in applications such as in Raman spectroscopy, bioimaging, interferometry, holography and quantum technology research.

Cobolt offer DPLs with single-frequency or SLM laser performance in the 04-01, 05-01, 06-01 and 08-01 Series.


Cobolt 04-01 Series

Single frequency, CW diode pumped lasers

Wavelength: 457 nm – 1064 nm
Power: 25 mW – 400 mW
Applications: Raman, microscopy, LDV, DLS


Cobolt 05-01 Series

High power, single frequency, CW diode pumped lasers

Wavelength: 320 nm – 1064 nm
Power: 10 mW – 3000 mW
Applications: Holography, Raman, microscopy, flow cytometry, research


Cobolt 06-01 Series

Plug & play modulated CW lasers

Wavelength: 375 nm – 1064 nm
Power: 40 mW – 400 mW
Applications: Microscopy, flow cytometry, optogenetics


Cobolt 08-01 Series

Compact narrow linewidth lasers

Wavelength: 405 nm – 1064 nm
Power: 25 mW – 500 mW
Applications: Raman spectroscopy, interferometry, dynamic light scattering.


Cobolt RogueTM Series

High Power, CW diode pumped lasers

Wavelength: 640 nm
Power: 1 W
Applications: Super resolution microscopy