High power 640 nm lasers make STORM microscopy easier

HÜBNER Photonics introduces the Cobolt Rogue™ 640 nm laser, especially for super resolution STORM microscopy. The Cobolt Rogue™ Series lasers are continuous-wave diode pumped lasers (DPL) and are multi-mode, high power complements to our Cobolt 05-01 Series of single frequency lasers. The Cobolt Rogue™ 640 nm is multi-longitudinal mode in a perfect TEM00 beam with 1 W output power, ideally suited for Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM) including super resolution STORM microscopy.

In SMLM, high irradiance (several kW/cm²) is crucial to reach a single molecule regime and hence assuring quantitative imaging at the nanoscale. It becomes even more critical while imaging simultaneously 3 fluorophores at the density needed for SMLM over large fields of view (FOV). Furthermore, as higher irradiance increases the blinking rate, increased irradiance allows for faster imaging at the nanoscale.

The need for high irradiance to excite multiple fluorophores with nanoscale resolution over large FOVs and at high speeds translates into the need for high power laser sources. In this regard, the availability of new compact and powerful laser sources in the red spectral range is facilitating the development of simplified multicolor SMLM imaging technology with high throughput capability. The new 1W CW laser at 640 nm, the Cobolt Rogue, is suitable for simultaneous excitation of red dyes, as AF647 and CF680. The Cobolt Rogue is a diode-pumped laser emitting directly at 640 nm as the fundamental wavelength and emitting a diffraction limited, single-transversal mode TEM00 beam, which enables efficient coupling of the emission into single-mode polarization maintain fibers with consequent easy and efficient coupling of the light into the microscope.

All Cobolt lasers are manufactured using proprietary HTCure™ technology and the resulting compact hermetically sealed package which provides a very high level of immunity to varying environmental conditions along with exceptional reliability.

With demonstrated lifetime capability and several thousand units installed in the field, Cobolt lasers have proven to deliver unmatched reliability and performance both in laboratory and industrial environments, and are offered with market leading warranty terms.

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