What is the Raman lingo?

On this post we collate some of the Raman spectroscopy terms, along with a short description to help guide through many of the different techniques often used today in the field of Raman spectroscopy.

A full guide is published yearly by Spectroscopy magazine, if you are looking for longer and more in depth descriptions.

Type Description
SERS Surface-enhanced Raman Spectrosocopy Combining the sample particles (eg molecules) under investigation with metal surfaces enable enhancement (of up to 1010 times) of the Raman signal through excitation of localized surface plasmons.
SRS Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy SRS is a third-order non-linear phenomenon involving a second photon—the Stokes photon of angular frequency – which stimulates a specific transition. The raman signal is resonantly enhanced up to 108 times when the difference in frequency between both photons resembles that of a specific vibrational (or rotational) transition.
SERRS Surface