Current technology for Mid IR tunable lasers

At Cobolt we have a wide variety of innovative lasers that cater to specific needs. Tunable lasers for the mid IR region have attracted significant attention over the past 5 years as focus on the state of our environment is raised on the political agenda.

There are currently a few laser options available in the mid IR region which can be used for such gas sensing applications. The most common mid IR tunable laser is the quantum cascade laser (QCL) and more recently interband cascade lasers (ICL). Challenges with this technology is that it is not easy to go below 3 um with reasonable power levels for a cost competitive price. Distributed bragg reflector (DBR) lasers can meet these requirements but typically have low output powers.

With our strong history in OPO technology, Cobolt’s developed a mid IR tunnable laser based on OPO technology which is compact, industrially suited, and high in output power in the region 2-5 um.

Advantages of Mid IR tunable lasers from Cobolt

  • Compact and industrially proven OPO
  • Wavelength selectable 2-5 mm
  • Wavelength tunable 50 nm
  • >7 kHz prf, >80 mJ pulse energy

Whatever the your application that requires Mid IR tunable lasers, all Cobolt lasers come manufactured with our propriority method of HTCure™ for robustness and reliability.

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