Monday 13th March, Week 11 2023

The Swedish technical magazine Elektoniktidningen, has made a follow-up interview with Cobolt AB founder, Dr Håkan Karlsson. A lot has happened since the first interview in 2008! Håkan takes journalist Mats Udikas on a tour of the office and factory in Stockholm, where all the Cobolt diode pumped lasers as well as the C-FLEX laser combiners are manufactured under the corporate name of HÜBNER Photonics.

Clinical diagnostics, holography and quantum technology are rapidly growing application areas for the Solna-based laser manufacturer Cobolt [now a part of HÜBNER Photonics]. The company has more than doubled its turnover in the past five years, largely due to increased demand for optical-based precision medicine analysis equipment in healthcare.

“Today, it is the manufacturing know-how and the construction method that is at the core of the company’s technology,” says Håkan Karlsson during the tour of the cleanroom where the lasers are assembled and adjusted.

ElekronikTidningen March 2023