Read how our Cobolt Skyra is helping pave 3D pathology – Biophotonics Magazine May/June issue

If you’re curious to learn about the impressive work and the potential of light sheet microscopy in clinical settings for improved cancer diagnosis and treatment you’ll enjoy our latest editorial!

We are very proud to have a collaboration with this group of researchers and are inspired by their work as well as these applications where our Cobolt lasers can have such a positive impact on people and the world. This group is highly referenced and respected in the world of light sheet microscopy – their use of our Cobolt Skyra in their microscopes and instruments.

The authors appreciate the work of the following people in the production of this article: Melissa Haahr HÜBNER Photonics, Nicholas Reder, M.D., CEO of Lightspeed Microscopy, and Jonathan Liu, professor at the University of Washington and director of its Molecular Biophotonics Laboratory.