On the 16th of February 2023 we hosted the years first Optopub with Photonics Sweden where we combined the event with a soft opening of our new office expansion.

Thanks to PhotonicSweden for the opportunity and to all who came to listen to invited speakers, see our new office area and enjoy some dinner. We look forward to the next Optopub event soon!


Real-time single-molecule 3D tracking in E.Coli

Presented by Elias Amselem, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University

We have little detailed knowledge about the intracellular dynamics of fundamental processes such as gene regulation or protein translation; the intracellular environment is very different from the dilute conditions where most of what we know about biochemistry has been learned. Here, we present a 3D single-molecule tracking system based on cross ¼ entropy. Putting the system into practice, we track single fluorophores within the Escherichia coli bacterium. A fluorescent marker is attached to the E. coli trigger factor (TF), a bacterial chaperone protein that binds to translating ribosomes close to the peptide exit tunnel. The system can locate a reporter in a volume of size 0.95×0.95×1.40 of 0.84 ms at a photon count rate of 120kHz 

Transient State (TRAST) Spectrocscopy and Imaging of Cellular and Molecular States and Conditions – Exploiting the Sensing Side of Fluorophore Blinking