Our 640 nm lasers

Here is our selection of solid state 640 nm lasers. Choose between single frequency, CW, diode pumped lasers with powers up to 1000 mW and tunable lasers.

The lasers are sold seperately or can be combined with other wavelengths into a laser combiner. Perfect for interferometry, microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and holography.

See our selection below:

  • Cobolt Rogue™ Series

    High Power, CW diode pumped lasers

    Wavelength: 640 nm
    Power: 1 W
    Applications: Super resolution microscopy

  • Cobolt 05-01 Series

    High power, single frequency, CW diode pumped lasers

    Wavelength: 320 nm – 1064 nm
    Power: 10 mW – 3000 mW
    Applications: Holography, Raman, microscopy, flow cytometry, research

  • C-WAVE Series

    Widely tunable continuous-wave lasers

    Wavelength: 450 nm – 1900 nm
    Power: 200 mW – 1000 mW
    Applications: Nanophotonics, quantum research, Raman (TERS)