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Our 785 nm lasers

Here is our selection of solid state 785 nm lasers. Choose between narrow linewidth lasers, multi transverse mode and with powers up to 500 mW, narrow linewidth lasers, single transverse mode and with powers up to 120 mW, or if enhanced spectral purity (ESP) is needed then our narrow linewidth lasers, multi transverse mode ESP and with powers up to 400 mW, or diode lasers up to 250 mW.

The most commonly used wavelength in Raman spectroscopy is 785 nm. It offers the best balance between scattering efficiency, influence of fluorescence, detector efficiency and availability of cost-efficient and compact, high-quality laser sources. The NIR wavelength has also seen increasing usage in the life science research area.

Why choose an 08-NLD 785 nm laser by Cobolt for Raman?

Our 785 nm lasers by Cobolt are especially designed to meet the demanding needs of high resolution Raman spectroscopy, even including low frequency Raman spectroscopy. All lasers in the 08-01 Series have exceptional wavelength stability and excellent spectral purity. They are clearly the first choice of laser for serious Raman scientists.

Why choose an 06-MLD 785 nm laser by Cobolt for life science?

The 785 nm laser is increasingly popular in life science applications including flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy thanks to the breakthrough in availability of near infra-red fluorophores. The longer wavelengths allow deeper penetration into cells and are less destructive compared to shorter wavelengths. All Cobolt lasers are manufactured using prioritory HTCure manufactuing allowing us to offer excellent performance and industry leading warranty terms.

The lasers are can be used individually or combined with other wavelengths into a laser combiner.

Make a selection below:

  • Cobolt 06-01 Series

    Plug & play modulated CW lasers

    Wavelength: 375 nm – 975 nm
    Power: 40 mW – 400 mW
    Applications: Microscopy, flow cytometry, optogenetics

    Plug & play modulated CW lasers

    Cobolt 06-01 Series offers lasers over a large wavelength range in a compact plug and play format. The Series consists of high performance fixed wavelength diode laser modules (MLD) and diode-pumped lasers (DPL). High speed direct modulation capability and true off during modulation makes them ideal for applications in bioimaging and quantum technologies.

    • 375 nm - 975 nm, up to 400 mW
    • Fully integrated electronics
    • Integrated clean-up filter on all diode wavelengths
    • Digital & analog modulation with true OFF during modulation (>70 dB)
    • Fiber pigtailed configuration available
    • Compatible in the C-FLEX Laser Combiner
    • Ultra-robust, proven reliability
    • 24 months warranty and < 2 weeks standard lead time


    Perfect for fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, optogenetics, colorimetry, quantum technology, DNA sequencing. Life Science Optogenetics Solutions Quantum – Copyright © Max Planck Institute Heidelberg
  • Cobolt 08-01 Series

    Compact narrow linewidth lasers

    Wavelength: 405 nm – 1064 nm
    Power: 25 mW – 500 mW
    Applications: Raman spectroscopy, interferometry, dynamic light scattering.

    Compact narrow linewidth lasers

    The Cobolt 08-01 Series is a family of compact narrow linewidth continuous-wave lasers, including high performance single frequency diode pumped lasers (DPL) as well as frequency stabilized diode lasers (NLD). This Series offers the broadest wavelength range and highest performance lasers on the market for Raman spectroscopy.

    • 405 nm – 1064 nm, up to 500 mW
    • Excellent wavelength stability, < 1 pm (over ±3 °C, 8 hrs)
    • Guaranteed excellent spectral purity, > 80 dB
    • Integrated electronics
    • Integrated optional optical isolator and spectral clean-up filter
    • Fiber coupled option
    • Ultra-robust, proven reliability
    • Ensured stable narrow linewidth emission over the full laser lifetime and a wide range of operating conditions
    • 24 months warranty, unlimited hours


    Perfect for Raman spectroscopy, interferometry, dynamic light scattering.