Wavelength meters and software

To meet highest demands, our C-WAVE tunable lasers can be operated in closed-loop mode with the optional AbsoluteLambda extension. It comprises an external wavelength meter and a software package to provide enhanced absolute wavelength accuracy and enhanced long term frequency stability.

• Absolute wavelength accuracy up to 10 MHz
• Long term frequency stability up to +/- 2 MHz over hours

Absolute lambda

Model overview
Choose between six wavelength meter models to meet application specific requirements. In closed-loop operation with the AbsoluteLambda extension, the absolute wavelength accuracy of a C-WAVE tunable laser will equal the absolute wavelength accuracy of the wavelength meter selected…

abs. accuracy (C-WAVE, closed-loop) = abs. accuracy (wavelength meter)

… and the long term frequency stability of a C-WAVE tunable laser will be determined by the frequency resolution of the wavelength meter selected:

freq. stability (C-WAVE, closed-loop) = +/- freq. resolution (wavelength meter)

For operation with third-party wavelength meters, the AbsoluteLambda software package is also available separately.

The AbsoluteLambda closed-loop extension is field proven in applications such as color center research and other quantum technologies, nanophotonics, and high resolution spectroscopy.