High power, CW diode pumped lasers

The Cobolt Rogue™  Series lasers are continuous-wave diode pumped lasers (DPL). A complement to our Cobolt 05-01 Series of single frequency lasers, the Cobolt RogueTM  Series is multi-longitudinal mode in a perfect TEM00 beam. In the Cobolt Rogue-iE all-in-one lasers all control electronics are contained in the laser head eliminating the need for an external controller and bringing the trusted laser performance of Cobolt lasers into a compact, self-contained device. The lasers are designed and manufactured to ensure a high level of reliability.

  • 640 nm, CW up to 1 W
  • High quality laser beam, TEMOO
  • Spectral bandwidth < 150 GHz
  • Ultra-robust, hermetically sealed packages, proven reliability
  • 12 months warranty, unlimited hours
  • Fully integrated electronics option available


Perfect for super resolution microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, DNA sequencing

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