Our unique HTCure technology for high precision mounting of miniaturized optics into compact and very robust packages, combined with our team’s high level of competence in advanced optical and opto-mechanical designs, enables development of optical subsystem solutions that can greatly simplify system design and integration.

Integration the laser optics together with optical systems for beam shaping, steering or signal detection, or with opto-mechanical components can help miniaturizing the size and improve the robustness of the overall system design. Examples of our capabilities include;

Multiline laser with adjustable stack of elliptical light sheet beams for Flow Cytometry

Ultra-compact self-contained 3-line laser engine with an output beam of stacked elliptical light sheets with an electronically controlled spatial separation in focus. Simplifies integration of multi-color excitation and alignment with fluorescence detection systems in flow cytometer instrumentation.

Laser beams

Light sheets beams with top-hat beam profiles for Flow Cytometry

Compact fiber-connected modules turning gaussian beams into top-hat beam profiles in focus. New unique design provides <90 % intensity variation across beam profile with repeatable performance and clean profiles in far-field. Ensures even exposure across cell stream in flow cytometry instrumentation.

Marking head for laser marking system

Cobolt Tor Series high peak power Ns pulsed lasers integrated with beam expander, scanner, control electronics and customized software for integration into laser marking systems for high performance micro-marking.

Laser marking head

Detection system for Raman Spectroscopy

Compact, robust and high precision optical systems for collecting, separating and guiding Raman signals into optical fibers. Simplifies manufacturing of probes for Raman spectroscopy equipment used for in-line quality control.

High power CW lasers with integrated high-speed modulation for Fluorescence Microscopy

Cobolt 04-01 high power DPSS lasers with integrated AOM module and beam blocking optics for MHz digital and analog high-aspect ration intensity modulation. Simplifies integration of high-power yellow-orange-red colors in Fluorescence Microscopy instrumentation.

Modulated DPSSLs