Colors expanded: Widely tunable lasers are tailored for quantum research

Extended wavelength coverage of OPOs advances studies on diamond-based quantum emitters.

By Korbinian Hens and Jaroslaw Sperling

Technologies based on manipulation of individual quantum states are expected to soon become commonplace—the “second quantum revolution” is on everyone’s lips these days. At the heart of many envisioned device architectures are quantum systems generating exactly one photon per excitation event—so-called single-photon emitters.

A vast amount of experimental effort is thus concerned with identifying, characterizing, and manipulating such quantum emitters by optical means—that is, in practice, by employing suitable laser light sources. Yet, the demands are quite challenging. Recently developed continuous-wave optical parametric oscillators (OPOs), now also providing nearly gap-free coverage of the visible and the near-infrared spectral range, are expected to take quantum nanophotonics a decent leap forward.

Colours expanded

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