Laser Lounge – Colors under a nanoscope

In this session, we are excited to have a user case from abbelight Instruments. Dr Valentina Caorsi will talk about multi-color super resolution microscopy using the new Cobolt Rogue 640 nm laser. The title of her talk is “Colors Under a Nanoscope: SAFe RedSTORM for fast reliable accessible 3D information at the nanoscale”.

Bring your coffee and join us!

Date: December 1

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Laser lounge rogue

Valentina Caorci from abbelight is a physicist at the edge of biology and chemistry with a main interest for the development of biophysical tools aimed at studying cell functioning. Valentina has a strong background in microscopy which has fostered the use of fluorescence techniques throughout all her research experience in the academia (10 years) and now translated in the private sector with the work performed within abbelight focused on the development of nanoscopy techniques. about the company

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