Two new wavelengths are available on the Cobolt 06-01 Series, 633 nm and 647 nm. All Cobolt MLD™ lasers feature market leading direct intensity modulation capability in terms of speed and depth and can be modulated up to 150MHz with up to 10 000 000:1 extinction ratio. Manufactured using Cobolt’s unique HTCure™ technology ensures world-class reliability and robustness. The Cobolt 06-01 Series offers a standardised compact form factor and a wide wavelength span in a plug-and-play format, utilising the most ideal laser technology to achieve the wavelength whilst maintaining the form factor.

The new lasers are perfectly suitable for applications such as fluorescence spectroscopy, confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, optogenetics and general laboratory use.


Learn more about the Cobolt 06-01 Series or see all specifications on the Cobolt 06-01 Series data sheet.

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