Uniaxial mechanical stretch properties correlated with three-dimensional microstructure of human dermal skin

Skin, the body's natural armor, relies on its unique mechanical and elastic properties to fend off external pressures. Understanding how these traits stem from collagen and elastin fibers is pivotal for crafting biomimetic materials and enhancing skin regeneration.


Waveguide holography for 3D augmented reality glasses – New research

In a significant stride towards the future of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), Reality Labs Research at Meta, in collaboration with Seoul National University, have unveiled a groundbreaking compact holographic near-eye display concept using our Cobolt Samba 532 nm laser. This prototype addresses critical challenges faced by current technologies, promising immersive and comfortable visual experiences for users.


Revolutionizing Live-Cell Microscopy: Advancements in Label-Free Imaging Techniques

In the realm of live-cell microscopy, fluorescence techniques have long dominated, yet challenges persist due to bleaching and motion blur caused by extended integration times, which hinders investigations of minute objects. However, a breakthrough has emerged with Rotating Coherent Scattering (ROCS) microscopy, enabling high-contrast, label-free imaging of live cells with unprecedented speed and resolution.


Exploring Readout Contrasts: Tuning Optical and Electrical Measurements of NV Centers in Diamond

In a recent investigation, researchers at The Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology, in collaboration with the Technical University of Munich in Germany use our C-WAVE Tunable laser to delve into the nuanced contrasts observed in the electrical and optical readout of NV centers in diamond, shedding light on their dependence on optical excitation wavelength and various excitation schemes.