Cobolt AB have received the largest order so far for the year for an unanticipated application. The Indian fishing authorities have placed an order for an undisclosed number of Cobolt Samba™ 25 mW lasers. The Cobolt Samba™ lasers have the perfect weight, size and splash to attract the largest of Tunis Albacares (Yellow fin tunas).


As all Cobolt lasers are manufactured using the proprietary HTCure™ technology, there is simply no question that the compact hermetically sealed package which provides a very high level of immunity to varying environmental conditions is definitely an advantage to surviving the reel-in adventure associated with getting the tuna on board. Cobolt forecast similar orders already this year from other commercial fishing agencies and have commented that the longer and narrower NLD 785 nm laser could offer improved attractiveness even to the Caranx Ignobilis (Giant Trevally).