Terahertz imagers made easy with T-SENSE
– The innovative post and package scanner for your office

HÜBNER Photonics is proud to announce that the T-SENSE terahertz imager is now available with higher resolution, an increased working distance of 5 cm and a higher workload of 1000 letters/envelopes (DIN C4) per hour.

The improved T-SENSE, which contains leading edge terahertz technology, offers the possibility to help protect staff by visualizing hidden objects and hazardous substances within incoming packages in an efficient and automated way. In addition, due to the insensitivity of living tissue to terahertz waves, these systems do not require the same level of safety precautions compared with conventional devices like x-ray scanners, making the T-SENSE easy to integrate in all security work flows.

The tense worldwide security situation has lead to new ways of ensuring safer and secure workplaces. All work environments receiving letters and parcels are vulnerable to attacks via mail and consequently staff need to be well protected to avoid injury.

T-SENSE terahertz spectrometer