In this webinar we will discuss the characteristics of state-of-the-art tunable CW OPO designs and describe tuning schemes that have been tailored for applications like color center research and other quantum technologies, nanophotonics, holography, high resolution spectroscopy, and experiments alike. Several recently published studies in these fields will be discussed in an illustrative fashion to showcase the performance of CW OPOs in the real-world laboratory.

Date: Thursday August 12th. Now on-demand!

Time: 10 AM EDT, 3 PM BST, 16:00 CEST

Hosted by Physics World

You will learn about: 

-Basic introduction to widely tunable sources of continuous wave (CW) laser light

-Design principles and challenges of widely tunable CW optical parametric oscillators (OPOs)

-Strengths and current limitations of state-of-the-art OPO technology

As well as hearing customer case studies in quantum research (colour center research), holography and Raman spectroscopy

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