Widely tunable continuous-wave lasers

C-WAVE tunable lasers are widely tunable continuous wave (cw) laser light sources based on optical parametric oscillator (OPO) technology.

  • Wavelength coverage from 450 nm up to 3.5 µm
  • Up to 250 nm gap-free tuning range in the visible 
  • Single frequency operation with < 500 kHz typical linewidth
  • Output powers up to Watt-level

C-WAVE tunable lasers offer several tuning mechanisms, ranging from a fully automated wavelength approach to truly continuous mode-hope free scans over tens of GHz. In closed-loop operation, a long term frequency stability as good as +/- 2 MHz over hours can be achieved. Other features to highlight are an exceptionally low level of amplified spontaneous emission and an excellent spatial beam profile and beam pointing stability.

Model Overview

Two design platforms allow to adapt C-WAVE tunable lasers to application specific requirements. For the C-WAVE VIS and C-WAVE IR platform a 532 nm pump laser is used, available in low power and high power version. The platform for C-WAVE GTR and C-WAVE NIR employs a 780 nm pump laser.

C-WAVE tuning range


C-WAVE tunable lasers are field proven in applications such as color center research and other Quantum technologies, Nanophotonics, holography, Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy, and high resolution spectroscopy.