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Multi-line lasers for light sheet microscopy

A Multi-line laser is a single compact laser head with multiple lasers built inside and collimated into a single permanently aligned output beam, thus giving the appearance of a single laser with multiple wavelengths. The multi-line laser is therefore very attractive as an extremely compact, an easy to use solution for adding more functionality and wavelengths either to a system design or lab set-up. It is the simplicity and compactness which makes the multi-line laser very attractive for use in light sheet microscopy.


Which 785 nm laser for Raman spectroscopy?

There is a number of different kinds of lasers available at 785 nm. They offer different performance and cost characteristics, which means a careful selection can be important to find the best solution for a particular Raman spectroscopy set-up. In this post we summarise the available technologies around 785 nm.

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